Simple way to earn money online

Most of you may be heard that someone make so much money online. Just by doing things on the internet, they earn so much money more than regular real job worker does. And it makes you wonder, is it really true that you can get money from the internet?
The answer is, IT’s TRUE!
But it’s not as that simple.
If you heard that someone made $10.000 a month (or more) from doing an online job, maybe that person is a really skillful guy. It’ something that you could not easily copy.
But there are some simple jobs that do not require much skill but still give you good money, just by doing things on the internet. literally, you can earn money just by drag and click your mouse, even if you know not much about internet things. Let’s talk about it!

Microtask job

Microtask job is popular now. It requires you to do a small job, like annotate certain things from a picture, label emails, transcribe audio, doing surveys. Transcribe pictures to text, etc.
It only requires an internet connection and a laptop. But some of them also can be done on cellphone, but not many of them. So if you interest to do these jobs, maybe you should use a laptop/pc.
The pay is relatively small. but you may only need 1-5 minutes to complete a task. so you can do many tasks a day. so you could make more money.
Here are some microtask website you should check on. 

And many more you could find. Try doing googling.

PTC (Paid To Click)

There are many PTC website , wich require you to click an ads, and you get small money from each ads you click. most of the ads are in video so it could take some time. The pay is smaller than most microtask job. But it’s worth a try.
Here some Notable PTC website

Doing blog or youtube, and get paid through Google adsense

As many people do. this is the best one. but of course, you should do more hard works than the two ways we discuss before. Please see our article about it here.
Just try some, and you will find out what is best for you.
Good Luck!

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